Grip Trex 2 Pairs of Dog Shoes

dog paws width from
38 cm
dog paws width to
43 cm
8.00 cm
3.80 cm
Weight (piece)
22.00 g


<p>Ruffwear has designed the Grip Trex 2 pairs of dog shoes for particularly sporty dogs who want to discover the world with their owners.&nbsp;</p><p>Whether they do it running, hiking or mountain biking, they do it out of passion. To protect the sensitive paws from cuts and abrasion, the dog shoes are equipped with a high-quality Vibram sole. This provides a great grip on various surfaces.</p><p>At the same time, the net structure of the shoes allows the dog's paws a high air permeability. This prevents the dog from overheating. The Velcro fastener ensures a secure, comfortable fit.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>
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