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Natural Vegan Protein Bar PowerGel Shots True Organic Oat Bar Energy Bar Energy Bar Energy Chews PowerGel Original Clif Bar Energy bar Clif Bar Energy bar Clif Bar Energy bar Protein Plus 52% Bar Mashed Potatoes with Milk Clif Nut Butter Filled energy bar Mousse au Chocolate Vanille Dessert Mixed Vegetables Expedition Breakfast Crunchy Muesli Pasta with Cheese & Mushrooms Pasta with Walnuts Fruity Curry-cream Rice Nasi Cashew Vegetable Hotpot Potato stew with fried onions Ham & Cheese Pasta Pasta Bolognese Curry-cream chicken Goulash Mince Beef Hotpot Chili con Carne Pasta Salmone Organic Porridge with Apple, Cranberries, Cinnamon RICE PUDDING WITH STRAWBERRY Salmon pesto with pasta CHICKEN FAJITA WITH RICE BEEF AND POTATO STEW Pork with caraway Linsen Curry Dal Pasta with creme made from herbs Vegetable Risotto - vegetarian Beef Stroganoff Jägertopf Pasta Bolognese Chili con Carne Potato Meal with beef Chicken Korma with basmati rice Pumpernickel bread Energy Drink Couscous - lactose-free SALMON AND BROCCOLI PASTA Natural Energy Cereal Bar Ride Bar Chocolate-Caramel True Organic Oat Bar True Organic Oat Bar Energy Bar Energy Bar PowerGel Original PowerGel Original PowerGel Smoothie ProteinPlus Bar 30%