YY Vertical
Clip Up Belay Glasses

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Weight (piece)
33.00 g
YY Vertical


<p>The YY Vertical Clip Up safety spectacle clip is especially suitable for spectacle wearers and fits almost all commercially available glasses and sunglasses. It allows for a natural head posture during hours of belaying and thus effectively prevents the otherwise pre-programmed neck pain. The ingenious concept uses deflection prisms, which, with a forward facing gaze, keep an eye on the climber up above. The optical trick of the Y&amp;Y Clip Up safety spectacle clip ensures more safety and freedom from discomfort when climbing.</p> <p>A silicone protection on the prism edge and on the clip protects your glasses from scratching. Also included is a spectacle case, a fixing carabiner, 2 silicone earhooks, extra silicone protection and a spectacle cleaning cloth.</p> <p>The ingenious principle prevents neck pain and keeps the eye on the climber - the perfect companion for spectacle wearers!</p>
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