Goal Zero
Yeti 1000X Power Station

Type description
Charging device
Lithium-ion battery
Charging time with power adapter
25 h
Capacity (mAh)
38.74 cm
25.98 cm
25.04 cm
Weight (piece)
14370.00 g
Goal Zero


<p>With the Yeti 1000X Power Station from Goal Zero, you'll be independent of the mains for a long time. The charger offers you a lot of power and is handy enough to be stowed in the car. It can be used for a long camping holiday or a big barbecue party in the garden and keeps the TV, lights and computer in the house running in the event of a prolonged power failure. Smartphones and other USB-C devices can be charged remarkably quickly via the USB-C 60W output. Charging takes place without any noise or exhaust fumes - so you don't disturb nature or your camping neighbours.</p><p>The Yeti 1000X Power Station can be fully charged in 25 hours via the power socket and powered via the solar panels from Goal Zero. The following usage recommendations should be observed when charging via Nomad or Boulder panels:</p><p><ul><li>100 watts of solar power are required for the use of 20-30% per day</li><li>Two hundred watts of solar energy are needed for 40-60% daily use.</li><li>Three hundred watts of solar power are needed for 80-100% everyday use.</li></ul></p>
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