Siurana 9,6mm End Climbing Rope

Specific activity
Sport Climbing
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Single rope
Dry treated
Sheath slippage
0.00 mm
Single Rope
Impact force (single rope)
8.50 kN
Dynamic elongation
33.00 %
Static elongation
4.90 %
Weight per metre
59.00 g_m
60.00 m
9.60 mm
Made in Europe


<p>Fixe's Siurana 9.6mm End Climbing Rope is a convincing sport climbing rope with a very special sheath weaving technique that improves handling and ensures a longer life of the rope.</p><p>In the Endurance sheath weaving technique, particularly high-quality rope fibres are uniquely tightly woven for up to 30% more abrasion resistance. The rope thus glides extremely well through karabiners, it feels smooth and firm: great handling distinguishes the fixed ropes with Endurance sheath.</p><p>In addition, the Siurana has a diameter of 9.6 mm, the optimal thickness for modern sport climbing in all its varieties: Whether indoor or rock, the Siurana can handle everything. Its "Nature" treatment is the most environmentally friendly among the waterproofing offered by Fixe - wonderful for all dry environments, but not suitable for rain or ice.</p><p>All Fixe ropes are made in Spain.</p>
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