Lotus Stone Anti-Twist Carabiner

Suitable for
Specific activity
  • Alpine Climbing
  • Sport Climbing
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Belay carabiner
Material Composition
Locking mechanism
Gate features
Keylock gate
Breaking load open
7.00 kN
Load capacity length
25.00 kN
Breaking load crosswise
7.00 kN
Weight (piece)
92.00 g


<p>The Lotus Stone Anti-Twist Carabiner by Fixe is an HMS screw-on carabiner with twist protection, which fixes the karabiner in an optimal position in the tie in loop of the climbing harness.</p><p>On the one hand, this prevents transverse loads which can occur if the carabiner moves when the rope is loose (e.g. rope release), and on the other hand, it ensures the functionality and optimum handling of modern safety devices (semi-automatics, Autotubers, etc.).</p><p>For this reason, safety carabiners such as the Lotus Stone Anti-Twist carabiner are recommended as a safety plus, especially for sport climbing, both on rock and indoors.</p>
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