Wallnuts Set

Specific activity
Alpine Climbing
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Carabiner suspension
Carabiner with wire
Weight (piece)
429.00 g
Made in Europe


<p>The Wallnuts Nuts in the set of sizes 1-11 from DMM ensure safe placements even in difficult situations. Their terrific quality means you can always rely on them. The complex 3D shape with curves and notches increases the chances of good placement in all rock types and nestles particularly well in limestone cracks.</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Size Color Breaking load Weight</span></p><p><ul><li>1 pink 4 kN 15 g</li><li>2 green 9 kN 26 g</li><li>3 silver 11 kN 28 g</li><li>4 gold 12 kN 30 g</li><li>5 blue 12 kN 32 g</li><li>6 red 12 kN 39 g</li><li>7 gray 12 kN 40 g</li><li>8 turquoise 12 kN 45 g</li><li>9 gold 12 kN 50 g</li><li>10 silver 12 kN 56 g</li><li>11 green 12 kN 68 g</li></ul></p><p>Standard: <span style="font-weight: bold;">EN 12270:2008</span><br></p>
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