Blue Ice
Aero Ice Screw

Specific activity
  • Mountaineering
  • Ice Climbing
Weight (piece)
76.00 g
Blue Ice


<p>The Blue Ice Aero is a lightweight ice screw and the perfect choice for technical touring for weight-conscious climbers and alpinists.</p><p>A mix of chrome molybdenum steel and aluminum cranks - an innovative idea to save where it counts. With the simple 3-tooth tip made of steel, you can easily place the ice screw and turn it in and out thanks to the integrated crank. The colour coding shows you the length of the ice screw, so there can be no confusion on the tours.&nbsp;</p><p>Attention: The ice screws of the lengths 7cm and 10cm are not classified as PSA and are only suitable for movement on thin ice.</p>
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