Trigger Set Twister

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<p>If you want to treat trigger points specifically, then you get from Blackroll with the Trigger Set Twister an extremely practical and versatile tool at hand. The set consists of a handle and three attachments for each problem.&nbsp;</p><p>You can position the attachments on the floor or wall if you want to tackle places where you would otherwise not be able to reach. Where you can reach yourself, you can put them on the handle that fits well in your hand to work on the trigger points.</p><p>You have a pointed and a flatter attachment at your disposal, which penetrates deep into the tissue like thumbs. In addition, you have a so-called shearing tool with which you can stroke the tissue and stimulate the fascial structures under the skin.</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Scope of delivery and dimensions of the Trigger Set Twister:</span></p><p><ul><li>BLACKROLL® TRIGGER: H 6cm, 12g&nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li>BLACKROLL® TRIGGER S: H 7cm, 12g&nbsp;</li><li>BLACKROLL® TWISTER: 7 x 5 cm, 17 g &nbsp;</li><li>BLACKROLL® HANDHELD: H 4.9cm, 8g&nbsp;</li></ul></p>
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