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<p>The Biolite FirePit+ is truly an innovative fire pit that enhances your camping evenings or campfire adventures with its versatility.</p><p>Thanks to its many features, you can make a cosy campfire in the FirePit+ or use it for grilling and cooking. The built-in fan provides the right air circulation to start the fire or keep it alive. You can conveniently control the fan via Bluetooth and thus regulate the burning time of your fire.&nbsp;</p><p>The beautiful honeycomb design gives off the heat evenly over all and you can romantically watch the fire from the logs. With the various accessories (must be purchased separately) you can grill and cook with the FirePit+. Fried eggs and bacon for breakfast or pancakes and in the evening you can tell exciting stories and philosophise about life over a beer. All these possibilities are completely covered by the FirePit+.</p>
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