Travellunch (45 articles)

Wild Mushrooms with Noodles Pasta Meal Bella Italia K4 Sesame Bar Muesli with raisins, apple and milk Rice pudding apple-cinnamon Dessert Yogurt with berries Fried Potatoes - lactose free Rice with beef and paprika Fruity Muesli with Milk Vegetable Risotto - vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken Curry Pasta Siciliana Potato Leek Pot Paella - lactose-free Nasi Goreng - lactose-free Pasta Bolognese Zigeunertopf Mashed Potatoes with Milk Chocolate muesli with milk powder Jägertopf Pasta with creme made from herbs Veggie Pasta Bolognese Dessert Mousse au Chocolat Instantdessert Himbeercreme Instant Dessert Mango Couscous - lactose-free Spinach and Potato Pot Beef Stroganoff Fleischpflanzerl Potato Meal with beef Pea stew Chicken Risotto with Vegetables Chicken & Noodle Hot-Pot Linsen Curry Dal Day Package Warm Region Lentil stew Chili con Carne Caribbean Caramel Curry Standard Daily Package Pasta with tomato sauce Scrambled Eggs with Onion Whole Milk Powder 125g Energy-Muesli