YY Vertical
Shock One Massage Gun

14.00 cm
8.30 cm
4.50 cm
Weight (piece)
495.00 g
YY Vertical


<p>With the YY Vertical Shock Mini Massage Gun, regeneration begins exactly when the stress stops. Due to its good size, you can take it comfortably everywhere, in the climbing garden on hiking tours or while cycling or after the tour in the car.</p> <p>The massage gun comes with 4 different attachments, each designed for different areas and muscle groups. So you can comfortably relax all your muscles with one device. The 4 different modes are controlled by a button and trigger different stimuli in your muscles. This way you can find the optimal load for you and shorten your recovery time to a minimum.&nbsp;</p> <p>The lightweight and the 9 hours runtime make the Shock Mini Massage Gun a perfect massage gun on the go. It fits in any pocket and is also sturdy thanks to the aluminium housing. With a USB-C cable, the gun can be conveniently charged.&nbsp;</p>
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