Oseus VPD Protector Jacket

Suitable for
Specific activity
Mountain Biking
  • Velcro fastener
  • Zipper
General Material Properties
Weight (piece)
1450.00 g


<p>The POC Oseus VPD protector jacket offers you complete upper body protection with high wearing comfort, so no more excuses to rock the trails without it.</p><p>Additional VPD pads complement the thicker back protector on the chest, elbows and shoulders. The VPD material reacts to your body heat and perfectly adapts to your contours. The two zips on the sides ensure that the chest panel is in one piece and that the jacket can be easily put on and taken off.</p><p>The 3D mesh material allows for improved ventilation and quickly wicks away excess heat and moisture. The jacket is very comfortable, even on hot days or uphill sections. It doesn't make you sweat too much.</p><p>The back pockets have space for snacks, spare parts or an extra shirt, while your lift or EC card can be safely stored in an additional closable pocket.</p>
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