Koel Barefoot
Kids Deen Fantasy Shoes

Suitable for
Specific activity
Shoe lining material
Outer shoe material
Shoe sole material
  • Misc. material
  • Rubber
0.00 mm
Shoe Closure
Koel Barefoot


<p>The Koel Barefoot Deen Fantasy are high-quality leather sandals for children and ideal for everything that little adventurers have planned. Thanks to their thin, flexible sole combined with a flat foot position, they give kids direct ground contact and a natural feel for the ground. The minimalist shoe is made according to the barefoot shoe concept, allowing for a neutral posture and optimally supporting natural walking movements and foot sensitivity. <p>The two Velcro straps are, of course, ideal for making it as easy as possible for your little one to take on and off. In terms of fit and materials, the fine leather shoe is of the highest standard. Soft, adaptable leather lining and a wide forefoot zone give children's feet the freedom they need while still offering excellent protection. <p>The feet can perceive the ground very sensitively - an important prerequisite for quick and precise coordination of movement. In addition, the Deen Fantasy promotes optimal strengthening of the foot and leg muscles, supports the optimal development of growing feet and indirectly helps to prevent postural deformities in adulthood.</p>
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