Men's Jaakos Pullover

Suitable for
Specific activity
General Material Properties
  • Breathable
  • Skin friendly
Made in Europe
Main material
100% cotton


<p>The Jaakos jumper by Armedangels is the ideal companion for various occasions. Whether you wear it after the gym with sweatpants or jeans, for a relaxed look or when travelling - this jumper convinces you in every situation. The round neckline and arm cuffs are designed for comfortable wear without constricting.</p> <p><br>The use of high-quality cotton not only gives the jumper breathability but also flatters the skin in a special way. It gently hugs the body and offers a feeling of well-being. The Jaakos jumper is characterised by its excellent quality, durability, and lasting pleasure.</p> <p><br>This jumper embodies more than just style - it expresses comfort, versatility and quality.</p>
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